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Fine dining in historic Durango, Colorado

…visitors tuck into premium steaks at the Ore House in downtown Durango…


Steaks, spirits and so much more

Considered the best steakhouse in the area, the Ore House is a Colorado restaurant that shouldn’t be missed.


O’er there lies the Ore House

The newest of the oldest restaurants on our list. (The Durango favorite was established in 1972.)


What makes a successful restaurant and chef?

According to Chef Ryan Lowe, it’s “a fascination with cooking, determination, a quality consciousness, a love of working with people, a good sense of communication, and of course, a love of eating.”

If you are unable to find your desired reservation time and/or date through our Open Table site, please give us a call and we will do everything we can to find you a table: (970)247-5707.
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