Manhattan Flight

Manhattan Flight

We are so happy that you took home one of our ready-made Manhattan Cocktails! We have made sure to extend the shelf life with Nitrogen Bottling so you can enjoy your cocktail for your next celebration or after that long day. Just keep the lid closed until you are ready to drink.

As you might be aware with how we do things at The Ore House, our food and drinks are perfect, and perfection isn't as simple as it may seem.

It is true that our manhattans are ready to drink, and we have even added the perfect amount of double filtered water to provide the exact dilution to make these drinks the best they can be. What you have to do is check that they are at optimal drinking temperature. This happens to be close to 28 Degrees Fahrenheit. Your freezer is much to cold, and your refrigerator is much to warm. When you picked up the drink from us we had it in this sweet spot. You may want to briefly put it back in the freezer along with your preferred drinking glass if it was sitting in your car. (if you have an accurate thermometer, power to ya!)

Now that you have taken home one of our beautiful ready to drink manhattans, we will let you in on one of the biggest bartending secrets. You are probably familiar with perfect cocktails being crafted from excellent ingredients. These are fine spirits, fresh juices, and the most commonly overlooked… WATER!

The true bartending masters often call this DILUTION. Now we took away the guesswork by adding the perfect amount of double-filtered water to your drink, but this means you have to pour your drink at the optimum temperature. If served too cold your cocktail may seem "flavorless" and "syrupy". If served too warm it may taste "boozy" with that distinct alcoholic "burn". The happy place is between around 27 Degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend getting it to that temperature by storing it in your refrigerator (which is typically around 40 Degrees). Once you are ready to drink, put it your freezer with you preferred drinking vessel for a SHORT time. (About 15 Minutes or so) Your Freezer at home is probably about 0 Degrees or less. If you are perfectionist like us don't hesitate to use a thermometer. When your have reached the sweet spot, serve and enjoy! If it got too cold or froze, simply let it sit out to warm up.

One more thing for us to mention, some of us love ice in our Manhattans, and that's great! As long as your drink is cold when you pour it on your ice, it won't over-dilute your drink too quickly. Larger cubes melt slower too.

Everyone likes their drinks just a little different. So if you think our manhattan is a little "sharp" or "boozy" for your taste, simply adding a cube of ice could do the trick. Don't worry, we won't be offended.