Dear Ore House Friends & Family

On March 16th we closed our dining room, at the time we knew that fine dining to-go was not what Durango needed so we did our best to take care of things that mattered to us.

Instead of providing meals for takeout we decided to provide food for our team members and Durango's frontline healthcare workers by starting the Feed the Frontlines effort.

Starting in Mid June we will be providing food and beverages for take out! Please join our email list by becoming a VIP and we will make sure to keep you updated as we roll out these exciting offerings!

We appreciate the outpouring of support and we are beyond excited to celebrate with you as soon as our team feels ready to reopen our dining room! We understand that it feels like forever, believe us, we miss you too. However we have made commitments to our team in the interest of their safety and well being to not open our dining room during the initial "reopening wave". Don't worry, we will be back soon, just not too soon! 

We appreciate your patience while we work to ensure that all of the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our team and our loyal guests.

Please watch for our emails and make sure you are following us on Facebook & Instagram to get all of the latest updates as we have a lot in the works!

Our team is excited to get back to work, however we are facing the reality of doing it differently… we are evolving with it and want nothing more than to help provide the Ore House experience in the safest way possible for our team and our guests!

The Ore House Family

Our Position-

Over many many years, the Ore House has earned itself a place in Durango's community. Being a small independent restaurant, it has had the uprightness to change with the times, evolve as the community has evolved, and stay true to its roots; much like Durango. 

The world has moved on to a new chapter. Whether or not this is temporary, is still to be seen. What can be said for sure, is that the effects from these last couple of months will resonate for the rest of our lives. For better and for worse.

As an independent restaurant, there is a level of responsibility that must be upheld. We must do the right thing for the community. This community includes the guests, the staff, and the restaurant industry as a whole. We must provide our guests with a quality of food and experience that they expect and deserve. We must provide our staff with security, longevity, and opportunity. And lastly we must provide our community and industry with health and integrity. We have had to make many hard decisions, and there are many more hard decisions to be made. 

At the core of this restaurant, like so many others, is the experience. With new restrictions in place (and ever changing) we must ensure that we can provide an experience that matches or exceeds expectations, and maintains value to our guests. If we felt our only responsibility was to simply feed our guests, we would have a much different approach. Many fast food and take-out restaurants are thriving in this new era, and we commend them for adapting and keeping us healthy and fed. We however, hold a different place in this industry. We are here to bring people together and make memories. 

Because of these responsibilities, our fine dining industry is facing some of the biggest challenges of any business in these times. Fine dining may not be the same for a while.
If we felt we could open our doors to you tomorrow, and continue to provide you with the same great experience you have come to love and expect, we would in a heartbeat. However, with these new restrictions and our devotion to keep the community healthy, we are not yet to that point. 

So as we begin tackling these new challenges, we hope to still engage with you in the meantime with a responsible and sustainable approach. We are looking to get creative by providing you with the feeling of eating in our dinning room and sitting at our bar. Please understand that our new creative ideas are a stepping stone to move us toward re-opening, giving us the tools to navigate the new regulations at hand, and the changes to come. We are looking forward to opening our doors back up, and welcoming you back into a place that feels like home. In the meantime, let us do our best to provide you with wonderful food, drink, and as much of the Ore House experience as we can from afar!

We Miss you all so much!