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A spaghettios fiasco on a camp stove at Country Jam was the last straw for the irrepressible Colin Corwin. Already hungry for a change of scenery from the ski and bike industry, Colin gravitated to the kitchen, working his first kitchen job with Chef Cliff. Colin honed his skills, relishing any and all training he could glean from Durango's rich, epicurean culture.

A mountain man at heart, Colin Corwin grew up in Durango skiing, camping and hiking in the San Juan Mountains. Colin's greatest inspiration is his grandfather, who was born with polio and defied the doctor's prediction he'd die before his fourth birthday. Instead, Colin's grandfather lived through the Depression and world wars to the ripe age of 89. He never had a frown on his face, an admirable quality Colin aims to practice every day.

His dad, meanwhile, encouraged Colin to find a job that makes him happy and, perhaps most importantly, to never be the one sitting in the corner not dancing. So Colin makes a point to dance daily - on special occasions, pulling out his own version of the Worm.

And about that camp stove: these days, Colin cooks for his tribe of 20 people at Country Jam - sans spaghettios.